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A VPS is a Virtual Private Server


With a VPS you’re getting your own virtual machine to host your own website. The only thing you share with anyone else is bandwidth, which means that if someone does a DDoS attack against your site, it won’t take down their site as well. You’ll need at least one gig of RAM for this option.

More conservative


Some companies want to be as secure as possible, while others are willing to take some risk. If you’re more conservative, consider using a managed hosting solution with a DODS attack prevention service, like Koddos. This will help you prevent your website from being taken offline by these types of attacks.

High-risk hosting


High-risk hosting is a service that offers little to no protection from denial of service attacks. If you choose this type of hosting, it will be up to you to protect your site from these types of attacks. However, if you need a lot of bandwidth or space for your website, then high-risk hosting may be right for you. A ddos attack is when many devices flood your server with traffic in order to take it down.

A dedicated server


A dedicated server is an entire physical server that you rent from a hosting company. The server has its own hardware, operating system, storage, and bandwidth resources. Dedicated servers are most often used for high-traffic websites or apps.